Try these breathing exercises to cure cough and cold

Cough and cold are possibly the most common health disorders around us at any given time. They are some of the most irritating and annoying diseases which make you lethargic and lazy and sap you off your energy. We have all been told that prevention is better than cure and if you believe in this, and then try to prevent cough and cold instantly instead of treating it later on. Yoga has some postures, which, when practiced on a daily basis, can reduce one’s chances of catching a common cold. Try the following asanas and enjoy the various benefits you achieve from them.

  • Surya Bhedanapranayam :

Also known as the right nostril breath, this asana helps in curing and preventing cold and also works to balance the brain. Keep your left nostril shut and inhale and exhale 21 times through the right nostril. This increases the heat element of our body and prevents cold.

  • Kapalbhati Pranaym:

Better known as skull shining breath, this form of pranayama is famous for its cleansing work. You need to inhale a huge amount of air into your lungs forcefully with the help of muscles and then exhale it through your nostrils. Repeat this for 10-15 times as it will remove the toxins from your body. It will even help in treating the cold.

  • Bhramari pranayam:

This technique works by pressing the lips together and plugging your ears and humming like a bee. It is used to relieve sinus congestion and pressure. It opens up sinuses and stops bacterial growth. It also works well in controlling and treating cough.

  • Ujjayi pranayama :

This asana is popularly known as the victorious breath. You must construct the glottis and breathe in and out through the throat making a slight snoring sound. It is used for sinuses and coughs and works amazingly. Performing this pranayama for 10 minutes regularly will give you wonderful results.

Pranayama in itself is a gift of yoga which can be put to use for various things. Try the different types of pranayamas to know which is the best one for you!