Under What Conditions can Sinus Related Problems Increase?

Sinuses can be hard to deal with and cause irritation to the infected person. There are various causes leading to sinus. Problems related to sinus come in various forms such as Chronic sinus infections, Allergic rhinitis, Overactive sinus or Chronic sinus.

Read on to get an idea about the causes of the sinus infection in your body:

Food allergies :

There are a variety of food items which can lead to sinus.

Mostly egg allergies, milk and milk-product allergies can trigger sinus infection in your body.

Gluten intolerance can also be a reason for sinus problems. Gluten intolerance is the inability to digest different sorts of products like wheat, barley and oats.

When people with such allergies eat these products it can trigger sinus problems to a greater extent.

Immune system defects :

Infections, food allergies and various syndromes can all contribute to a deficiency in our immune system, which is better known as overactive immune system.

People with low immunity are very sensitive to almost everything they eat.

To defend themselves against parasites, viruses and infections, their bodies start producing mucus on a regular basis. This is another reason for sinus.

Deviated septum :

The nostrils have a structure of cartilage which separates both the nostrils evenly, helping in breathing evenly.

When this separation is not even, then it is known as deviated septum. It is one of the biggest reasons due to which sinus is experienced.

Atmospheric allergies :

Apart from food allergies, atmosphere and environment play a very important role in causing sinus.

Environmental aspects like dust, pollution, air particles and pollen usually affect defence mechanisms of the body leading to chronic sinus problems.

Along with these natural aspects, a number of man-made things such as cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants, air fresheners and other cleaning products can also aggravate sinus. 

The above mentioned causes are the most common and realistic reasons for sinus which many people tend to ignore.

  • Exercise regularly
  • Practise yoga
  • Protect yourself from extreme weather fluctuations
  • Wear masks to avoid pollution
  • Follow a diet that is suitable for your body type.

These are some of the precautions one must take to avoid frequent sinus attacks. These tips can help reduce Sinus infection considerably.